About us


We have over 30 years experience. The owner was the principal of an animal school in Japan. We know the importance of all lives, including humans. We want to make Phuket animals and children happy. And there are things we must not forget. It is a traditional Japanese culture called “Omotenasi”.


 Phuket Dog Park located in front of Luangpu Supa Temple,Chaong,Phuket, is a f servise dog care facility offering 
-day care
-Obedience Training

Phuket Dog Park has created a unique and intimate setting in which dogs and their owners are 100% comfortable and worry-free whether staying for a day of play, or a week of doggie vacation.

We help you and your pet be happy.

Our language is Japanese. I speak a little English. I am studying Thai. Even if you can't speak language, your love for animals will not change.